Types of Membership

ASSN’s members are divided into five categories, each with different benefits and varying levels of access to information and SSR literature. The table below depicts the five categories, which cover both individual and organisational membership.

Category Profile Benefits/Role
1 Full members These are individuals and organisations that provide active contribution to the ASSN on a continuous basis. They participate regular in designing, coordinating and hosting projects. They may also serve as regional and national representatives of the network, hold meetings, and provide feedback to information requests received by the network and undertake other activities that are relevant to the ASSN mission, objectives and programmes. The right to vote, hold office, participate in annual meetings. Full members also have the right to be considered for participation in ASSN projects and consultancy work.
2 Associate members These are individuals and organisations whose interest in ASSN is primarily for information sharing purposes, only choosing occasionally to make an active contribution. Associate members are entitled to regular information and participation in meetings, although the latter occurs on a selective basis according to funding availability, area of expertise and relevance of contribution to the ASSN programme and objectives under focus at the meeting.
3 Friends of the network This category comprises of non-African individuals and organisations that have a relationship with the ASSN network, through which they contribute towards the development of the network and facilitate the accomplishment of its objectives. They may partner with ASSN on specific projects and in funding certain activities.
4 Students These are individuals who are pursuing an academic degree in security and development related issues at an institution of higher learning. They are exempt from paying fees, but are required to provide the network with papers on relevant issues.
5 Honorary Members Honorary membership is awarded to persons who have made major contributions to the field of security and development in Africa and have demonstrated support for the mission of the ASSN network. Honorary membership is bestowed by the ASSN Executive Committee. Designated honorary members are exempt from paying membership fees.