Studies and Expertise

ASA realizes on request studies and expertise dealing with one of its six areas of expertise.

ASA experts, originating most of the time from considered countries and mastering fluently local languages, are deployed on the ground to produce thorough analyses, based on thorough knowledge of the African societal dynamics which any development or security policy has to take into account to increase its impact and efficiency.

Presently, ASA conducts the following two studies for CARE International:

 – ” Political Economy Analysis for food and security and community nutrition impact strength in Northern Mali “;

– ” Conflict analysis study in Harande program area: Understanding what prevails.

Those two studies are meant to support the implementation of the “Harande programme” which   is a USAID title II Development Food Assistance funded programme aimed to strengthen food, nutrition, and income security in Mopti region of Mali by 2020. The programme is implemented by a 6-member consortium led by CARE International in Mali.

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