Security Sector Reform Provisions in Peace Agreements

security_sector(University of Birmingham Press, 2009)
January 2009

Author: Eboe Hutchful, African Security Sector Network (ASSN).

Published and Printed in the UK by the University of Birmingham, 2009





Peace agreements form a crucial entry point for security sector reform (SSR). However, there has been little consistency in the way that security sector reform provisions have been approached (or implemented) in peace agreements.

This report is the result of a research project which examines peace agreements from eight countries in Africa (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sudan, Burundi, DRC, Sierra Leone and Liberia), two from Central America (El Salvador and Guatemala) and one from Asia (East Timor).

The report demonstrates that there is a potentially high price to be paid for failing to integrate issues of SSR into peace negotiations and agreements at the very outset, or for doing so in a selective and shallow manner. The risks are detailed and recommendations for future provisions in peace agreements are presented.

Security Sector Reform Provisions in Peace Agreements