Security Literacy and Practitioner Courses

ASSN works with its member organisations to promote security literacy within the African security sector and enhance the capacity of relevant stakeholders within the sector.

The ASSN delivers high-level courses and seminars on Security Sector Governance and Management in Southern Africa (SADSEM) and Ghana (ASDR).  Each of the 12 SADSEM national affiliates runs its own security-related courses, and the Centre for Defence and Security Management (CDSM) at Wits University has initiated a highly successful Masters course in Defence and Security Management.

In Nigeria, ASSN affiliate, the Prisons Rehabilitation and Welfare Action ( PRAWA),  currently runs a Human Rights Training Programme for the Nigeria Police Force. It also has trainings for Prison Officers on International Human Rights and Good Prison Practice as well as a National TOT and Guidance Note Review Session on International Human Rights and Treatment of Vulnerable Prisoners.

Under its Security and Justice Training Information and Coordination (SJ-TIC) Project, PRAWA delivers quarterly trainings for the Security and Justice Sector Institutions in Nigeria including the Immigration Service, Department of State Security, Civil Defence and Customs among others.

The African Policing and Civilian Oversight Forum (APCOF) based in South Africa is another affiliate of the ASSN working to promote democratic policing through strengthening civilian oversight over the police in Africa. APCOF’s current projects include the East African Community Police Human Rights Training Manual, Use of Force (strengthening current legal provisions on the use of force by police officials by stressing compliance with the rule of law, International Law, and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa) and Dialogues on Crimes and Violence Prevention, among others.