SSR Needs Assessment of Somaliland CSOs

This study was conducted by Mustafe Ahmed of Nagaad Network based in Hargeisa, Somaliland (, under the supervision of Dr Medhane Tadesse, ASSN Regional Coordinator for the Horn of Africa.

It provides an analysis and evaluation of the recent needs assessment of Somaliland Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on their engagement with SSR. The study also discusses Somaliland security actors and the ongoing SSR processes. Further, the study analyses the specific capacities and gaps of leading CSOs in SSR programming and policy development endeavours and indicates the areas of external support required, as well as the shortcomings to be addressed. Prominent among the study findings is the need for security literacy in Somaliland, the vital role CSOs can play, which in turn, requires training on SSR to few interested CSOs.

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